Brand Biography

OUR LEGACY is a Swedish fashion brand based in Stockholm. Founded in 2005 by
Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying, the brand started out with a line of graphic print
T-shirts, and in 2007 the first full collection was released. In the same year, mutual
friend Richardos Klarén joined the brand, becoming a third co-owner. With a full collection
came the need for a retail space of the brand’s own, and in 2008 the first OUR LEGACY
store was opened on Krukmakargatan in Stockholm’s Södermalm district.

Renouncing fast-paced consumerism, the first collections were characterised by pieces
stripped of conspicuous detailing, with the emphasis placed instead on quality. Pieces
developed within the first collections had a timeless approach and an effortless appeal.
OUR LEGACY was originally, and in many aspects still is, more of a product-focused
company than a fashion brand focusing on seasonal collections with transitory

After a five-year period of building a more basic and classic line for men, the Spring/Summer 2012
collection marked the beginning of a new, more conceptual and experimental OUR LEGACY,
as the brand began creating collections around defined themes with a more progressive approach to design.
The focus on product remained however, with signature designs returning each season in new guises.
The first Gothenburg store, together with a new flagship store on Jakobsbergsgatan in Stockholm,
opened later the same year.

Since then OUR LEGACY has grown internationally, garnering a strong following outside
Scandinavia. A fourth store was opened in London during 2014. Located in Soho, at
1 Silver Place, the OUR LEGACY London store is the first outside Sweden. With around
240 multi-brand stores stocking OUR LEGACY worldwide, the brand is today available
to a global audience.